Are you ready for the A2Hosting Black Friday sale 2019? A2Hosting is a renowned web hosting company. They are mostly known as a 20X faster web hosting provider. Like most other web hosting companies, A2Hosting is offering a special discount for this upcoming Black Friday 2019. You can get up to 67% discount on purchasing web hosting plans from A2Hosting during this Black Friday Sale 2019.

A2Hosting Black Friday 2019 [Special Deal]

You will get up to 67% discount by using the A2Hosting special deal and coupon. sales will run from 12:00 AM EST on November 26 until 11:59 PM EST on December 02, 2019. So, if you are interested to grab this discount offer you have to purchase within this time. Followings are the Black Friday discount offers provided by A2Hosting:

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Note: The sale is live now and it will be running till December 02, 2019. Grab the discount by using the Black Friday coupon.

A2Hosting provides 20X faster web hosting services. If you are searching for a blazing fast web hosting solution for your website, A2Hosting is a good option for you. Like the previous year, they are offering a special discount for the upcoming Black Friday 2019. You can save up to 67% by using the A2hosting Black Friday deal.

Here are some other Black Friday Web Hosting deals for you:

The Black Friday 2019 sale will start on November 29, 2019, and will be running till Cyber Monday. So, if you want to get the special discount you have to shop during this time.

How to Get A2Hosting Black Friday Discount?

I already mentioned the deal above on this post. You can easily grab this Black Friday discount by using that deal. It’s better to clear your browser history and cookies before clicking on the deal. Here are a few steps you can follow to grab the discount:

  1. Open A2Hosting by clicking on –
  2. You will notice the discounted price of every hosting plan.
  3. Choose your required hosting plan and click on the “Get Started” button.
  4. On the next step, you need to choose your domain name. If you already have a domain name you can put it here, or purchase a new one from A2Hosting for $14.95/year only.
  5. Once you put your domain name, click on the Continue button.
  6. Review your order summary and press the Continue button.
  7. Now you may have the option to purchase additional services like – DNS management, IP protection, Email Forwarding, etc. If you need any additional services select them and go for the next step.
  8. Complete your payment by clicking the Checkout button.
  9. Once the shopping is done, you will get an email notification regarding your order summary.
  10. Now start building your website.

I hope you will be able to grab A2 Hosting Black Friday 2019 discount offer.

A2Hosting Web Hosting Plans

Here’s I am going to introduce to you various hosting plans offered by A2Hosting. Currently, A2hosting is offering 8 different web hosting plans for various types of customers. The available hosting plan includes – Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. You can choose any hosting plan for your website. A2Hosting also has a very powerful web hosting solution service for eCommerce and blog site hosting. In addition to this, you can easily host and set up a WordPress website by using their WordPress hosting plan.

a2hosting black friday deal
A2Hosting Hosting Plans

So, there’s a lot of options available to choose from. Which one you are going to pick for your website? Luckily, A2hosting black friday discount is applicable for most of the web hosting plans. You can get up to 67% discount on purchasing hosting plan from A2 Hosting.

Choosing the right web hosting plan is very important especially if you want to have a blazing fast website by spending less amount of money. There’s a lot of factors you need to consider before choosing a web hosting plan. Luckily, you will be able to get the maximum discount on each of the web hosting plans during this Black Friday Sale 2019.

Followings are the features of different web hosting plans offered by A2Hosting:

Shared Hosting

A2hosting provides a 20X faster web hosting service on all of its hosting plans. You will get a fast loading website running on the SwiftServer platform. A2Hosting is faster than other hosting providers. The ultra-reliable and high-performance hosting will help you to make your site load faster.

Shared hosting is the most basic web hosting service for individuals and small business owners. A2Hosting offers three different types of shared hosting plans. Here are the features and pricing of each shared hosting plans:

a2 hosting black friday sale
A2hosting Shared Hosting Plans

All of the websites under a shared hosting plan are hosted on A2Hosting TURBO Servers. So, you will get a superb and fast loading website. Take a look at the features of each of these plans:

  • LITE: This is the most basic hosting solution for small and medium websites. This will allow you to host 1 website and use 5 databases. The storage and bandwidth are unlimited on this plan. SSD and SSL service is free on this plan. It will cost you only $3.92/month. This plan is great for a single website holder.
  • SWIFT: The SWIFT plan comes with unlimited website, database, storage, bandwidth, and free SSD & SSL. This costs $4.90/month.
  • TURBO: This will cost you $9.31/month but gives you the ultimate hosting solution. It provides a 20X faster turbo server and all other features. The number of website use, database, storage, and bandwidth remains unlimited on this plan.

During the A2 hosting Black Friday sale, you can save a lot of money on purchasing A2hosting shared hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

If you have a large website with thousands of pages and millions of visitors per month then you are going to need a powerful web hosting plan. VPS hosting is one of the best solutions for this kind of large website. A2Hosting VPS hosting features 100% worry-free Host-Guard Management. All other common features that A2Hosting usually offers on their hosting plans are also available on each of their VPS hosting plans.

a2hosting black friday 2019
A2hosting VPS Hosting Plans

There are three different VPS hosting plans available – Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS, and Core VPS. Let’s take a look at each of these plans:

  • UNMANAGED VPS: The Unmanaged VPS plan includes Root Access, Optional cPanel Addon, Linux OS, 20 GB Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 512 MB RAM, 1 Core, SSD Option and many more features. This is suitable for experienced developers. It costs $5.00/month only.
  • MANAGED VPS: For more power and support you can use Managed VPS. This will give you Free cPanel Control Panel, Full HostGuard Management, 75 GB Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 4 GB RAM, From 4 vCPUs, Free SSL & SSD. But it doesn’t give you Root Access. It costs $32.99/month only.
  • CORE VPS: The Core VPS plan is most similar to Managed VPS. But it provides Root Access which is not available on Managed VPS. It also costs $32.99/month.

You can save up to 67% on purchasing VPS hosting by using the A2hosting Black Friday deal.

Reseller Hosting

When it comes to open a web hosting company on your own, you can choose reseller hosting. A2Hosting sells 20X faster reseller hosting plans at a very affordable price. You can give your customer ultra-reliable hosting services with Turbo Servers options.

a2 hosting black friday deals
A2hosting Reseller Hosting Plans

Check more about A2hosting reseller hosting plans:

  • BRONZE: It contains 30 GB Storage, 400 GB Transfer, 40 Accounts, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, etc. The price starts at $13.19/month only.
  • SILVER: This one comes with 75 GB Storage, 600 GB Transfer, 60 Accounts, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel and Free eNom Reseller Account. Besides, you will get Free WHMCS features on this plan. It will cost you $18.47 monthly.
  • GOLD: The Gold plan has 150 GB Storage, 1000 GB Transfer, 80 Accounts, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, and Free WHMCS services. This will cost $24.41/month.
  • PLATINUM: This features the best services and functionality. It will allow you 200 GB Storage, 2000 GB Transfer and 100 Accounts. Other features remain the same as Gold and Silver plans. It will cost $40.91/month.

A2hosting is offering some discounts on their reseller hosting packages during the black Friday. Use A2hosting black Friday deal to grab the discount.

Cloud VPS Hosting

A2Hosting has three fine-tuned cloud hosting solutions. These will give you blazing-fast SSDs to increase the speed 300% faster than standard drives. Their quick start cloud will give you the freedom to turn your Cloud VPS on or off. So, you will only for what you use.

a2hosting deals 2019
A2hosting Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

Followings are A2Hosting Cloud hosting plans:

  • ENTRY: This plan includes 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD Storage, Unlimited Inbound Transfer, 2 Cores, 600 MHz CPU Speed and many more. It costs $15.00 monthly.
  • MID: The MID plan will give you 1 GB RAM additionally. Other features will remain the same as the ENTRY plan. This will cost $20.00/month.
  • ELITE: It covers all of the powerful features. This plan includes 1GB RAM, 25 GB HDD Storage, Unlimited Inbound Transfer, 2 Cores, 600 MHz CPU Speed. The regular price of this plan is $25/month.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale is also applicable for Cloud VPS hosting. You can get some special discount on purchasing Cloud VPS hosting plan from A2hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

At A2Hosting, you will get three different types of high-performance Dedicated Hosting service. These are carefully designed to fulfill the necessity of different types of users. They offer their dedicated servers in Asian-Singapore data center.

a2hosting dedicated server hosting deals
A2hosting Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Here are different types of Dedicated Hosting provided by A2Hosting:

  • SEMI Dedicated Server: This is mostly similar to 20X faster Shared Hosting solution. It includes Free cPanel Control Panel, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Transfer, 8 GB Virtual RAM, 2 x 2.1 GHz Cores and Free SSL. The price starts at $9.31/month.
  • UNMANAGED Flex Server: This is a fully customizable hosting solution. This plan will give you Root Access. Other features are Optional cPanel License, Linux OS Option, 2×500 GB Storage, 10 TB Transfer, 8 GB RAM, 2 Cores and Optional SSL. It costs $99.59/month. This plan is a great option for developers.
  • MANAGED Flex Server: Managed Flex Server is a 100% worry-free and fully managed dedicated hosting solution. It features Free cPanel Control Panel, Full HostGuard Management, 2×500 GB Storage, 10 TB Transfer, 8 GB RAM, 2 Cores and Free SSL and many more. The price of this plan is $141.09/month.
  • CORE Flex Server: This is the fully managed hosting solution that will give you Root Access, Free cPanel Control Panel, Full HostGuard Management, 2×500 GB Storage, 10 TB Transfer, 8 GB RAM, 2 Cores and Free SSL. The price is the same as MANAGED Flex Server.

Luckily, A2Hosting Black Friday deal 2019 is applicable for the dedicated hosting too. So, you can save a lot of money during this special sale.

Features of A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a top-rated web hosting company having 10+ years’ experience. They are doing their hosting business since 2003with a very good reputation. They are well known as 20X faster web hosting provider. By providing blazing fast web hosting service A2Hosting achieved trust in its customers.

a2hosting features

With the use of the latest PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Python the company can provide developer-friendly web hosting services. Take a look at some of the best features of A2Hosting below:

  1. A2Hosting provides 20x faster web hosting service.
  2. They provide developer-friendly web hosting services.
  3. All of their customer’s websites are hosted on the SwiftServer platform.
  4. They offer free SSL on all of their hosting plans.
  5. They offer free site transfer also.
  6. The company has a very good customer rating and review.
  7. They have three data centers located in the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  8. All of the hosting prices are cheap and handy.
  9. 1-Click WordPress installation service.
  10. They are committed to providing 99.9% uptime every month.
  11. They provide free HackScan Protection to protect their customer’s websites from the hacker.
  12. A2Hosting provides 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support.
  13. They also offer Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

It is very important to check out all of the features and services provided by the hosting company before choosing it. As A2Hosting is one of the reliable web hosting providers you can trust in their services. Once you host your website on A2Hosting, you don’t need to think about the performance of your site. This Black Friday is the best opportunity if you want to get their hosting at the cheapest price. Use A2hosting black friday deal and grab your discount now.


Website security is the topmost priority of A2Hosting. Every day an average of 30,000 websites are hacked globally. A2Hosting Perpetual Security system help prevents you from being hacked. They include free HackScan Protection to each of their hosting plans to help prevent hacks. So, you don’t need to think about the security of your website.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime states refer to the visibility of the website each month. A2Hosting uses the latest technology and mechanism to maintain good uptime states every month. They guarantee 99.9% uptime each month on all of their hosting plans. That means, your site will be up and running every day and will never be down any time.

Customer Support

Maintaining a hosting account sometimes create difficulties for newbie blogger and webmaster. That’s why they need help from the hosting provider. Being an older and reputed hosting provider, A2Hosting has a very efficient customer support team. They always ready to assist you at any kind of hosting issue.

The company maintains 24/7/365 live customer support via phone call, skype, chat or email. You can contact with A2Hosting support team for any kind of hosting problem.

Money-back Guarantee

A2Hosting is very much confident at their service. They are offering you a lifetime money-back guarantee. The money-back-guarantee is applicable for all hosting plans. If you do not like their hosting service you can ask for a refund and they will give your money back.

The lifetime moneyback guarantee is also available if you purchase a hosting plan during the A2 Hosting black friday sale. So, your money will always remain safe.

Video Overview

The following video will show you the various features and benefits of A2hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When A2Hosting Black Friday 2019 Sale Will Start?

The Black Friday Sale will start on November 29, 2019. It will continue till the Cyber Monday.

Q. What’s included on the Black Friday Deal 2019?

The black Friday deal 2019 includes up to 75% Discount on the web hosting plan from A2Hosting. Additionally, you will be able to get a lot of features along with the hosting plan.

Q. Are there any Coupons for the Black Friday Deal?

Yes, there are coupons for the black Friday discount. You need to use the coupons to grab the discount. However, at first, you need to click on the button above to activate the deal. After that, you will need a coupon code to get discounts from A2Hosting.

Q. Which Hosting Plan is the Best in A2Hosting?

A2 Hosting offers various types of hosting plans for their customers. If you want to get the best hosting plan from A2hosting, you need to identify your website type and requirements. You can go for shared hosting if you have a small website or a few visitors. But if you have a large website you must need a powerful hosting plan. In that case, dedicated servers are the best option. If you want to start your own web hosting business, you should pick the reseller hosting plan.

Q. Is A2Hosting Hosting Plans Expensive?

In some cases, it is expensive. But you will always get what you are paying for. A2Hosting never compromise with their quality.


A2Hosting is one of the oldest and reliable web hosting providers. They provide 20X faster web hosting services. They provide great uptime, excellent support, anytime money-back guarantee and lot more features at a very reasonable price. Almost 97% of their customers recommend them to their friends and colleagues. Web developers and software providers have also trusted them and recommend A2Hosting to their customers. They are most conscious about their performance of their hosting. All of their customer’s websites are hosted on their powerful SwiftServer platform. So, this is a great choice of web hosting company for your website.

I hope all of you are ready to grab upcoming Black Friday web hosting offers. If you are planning to start a new blog or website this is a great opportunity for you. Use A2hosting Black Friday deal and save up to 67% instantly. For any kind of further information feel free to ask me.